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About Us

As certified appraisers, we possess the comprehensive know-how and credentials to provide the type of dependable home value opinions that top lending institutions, attorneys or consumers need. With years of experience that only comes with doing the job, we're prepared to take on practically any type of real estate. Southern Valuation offers a wide range of appraisal services to support the needs of various clients:

Attorneys :

Expert, unbiased testimony, forensic appraisal review and appraisal/consulting services.

Accountants :

Accurately determine the value of your client’s real estate property.

Agents :

Help sellers list their property at an accurate price to sell properties faster.


Providing expert appraisals in divorces, estate divisions, eliminate PMI or tax appeal.

Insurance Companies:

Protect property portfolios for the correct amount.


Get the knowledge you need to make a great investment.

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